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OPTerm 25 Exchange Program

This program allows customers who purchased OPTerm 10, 15, or 20 within the past four years to trade up to an OPTerm 25 plan at his or her current attained age with no underwriting. The OPTerm 25 replacement policy will be a new issue, with a full 25 years of coverage, not adjusted by the duration the original policy was held.

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Brighthouse Financial CEO shares his vision, goals, and values

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Six reasons Gen X lags in saving, planning for retirement

The uneasy financial situation that Gen Xers and millennials currently face is vastly different from what their baby boomer parents experienced at the same point of their lives.

Making the nest egg last: best products for senior clients

From innovative fixed indexed and fee-based annuities to hybrid combo solutions, today’s retirees have a growing list of products to choose from.

How to make term life insurance do more

By using more creative approaches that capture a client’s interest and imagination, advisors can deliver what clients want at a lower cost.

Life insurance prospects want a retail sales experience

A new study reveals that consumers expect transparency from a life insurance purchase the same way they would for buying other retail products or travel.

Tax season essentials: One tip that can make all the difference

Half of American workers could qualify for a key IRS tax credit, but many of them opt out. Here's why.

How to streamline the disability insurance claims process

For a client who is ill or injured, filing a disability claim may come during a challenging time in his or her life.

The secret to client retention

Of course you have to market to your clients. But to what end?

Agents and advisors: Salespeople or problem solvers?

Customers are much more interested in addressing their needs than being sold on your solutions.

Digital assets and estate planning in 2017

Being able to manage a client's online personal and financial records is now essential to comprehensive estate planning.

10 alarming facts about women and retirement risks

In recognition of National Women's History Month in March and International Women's Day on March 8, Transamerica released a study on retirement vulnerabilities unique to women.

The biggest problem with traditional retirement planning

One factor in particular can sidetrack a well-planned retirement portfolio. An annuity may be the solution.

Annuities: Preparing clients to retire at (almost) any age

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' retirement plan; each individual client deserves a customized solution that addresses their unique situation.

Six commonly asked questions about annuities during tax season

Clients often have questions around the taxable status of an annuity before they purchase.

Retirement: life’s most expensive purchase

A new report from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave says the average cost of retirement is 2.5 times that of the average house.

Life insurance challenges posed by marijuana and e-cigarettes

Life insurance carriers continue to discuss and evaluate the manner in which marijuana and e-cigarettes are addressed.

Starting relationships in a changing world

Better Prospecting! Advisors have an opportunity to fill the coverage gaps created by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

7 ways to get even more referrals

Use these steps to get some very important people to contribute to your business.

How to sell more cash value life insurance

Many agents and advisors who are trying to sell cash value life insurance don’t really understand all of its benefits.

4 ways to bridge the $12 trillion life insurance gap

A recent LIMRA study points to a significant underinsured life insurance market. Here’s where the biggest opportunities are to fill that need.

2017 Life Insurance Planning: Why this could be a strong year despite uncertainty in the tax law

Check out this recent article and get a pro’s perspective – in case your crystal ball has been on the fritz lately too.

How to up your email game with clients, prospects

Here are more than two dozen ideas for moving beyond superficial business communications.

Secrets to selling life insurance to millennials

Although many millennials are burdened by student loans and underemployment, their buying power will only continue to increase as they inherit businesses, estates and jobs from retiring baby boomers.

The Roth annuity: a bright star in annuity investing

For the right client, adding a Roth IRA into the mix can eliminate or reduce the impact of the potential downsides of an annuity investing strategy.

Stop pursuing clients, attract them instead

Capitalize on the laws of sales attraction to draw in new clients.

Older Life Insurance Is Like A Brick Phone

The process of reviewing client’s life insurance policies is a rather simple one that can provide considerable consumer value, and can add additional revenue to your bottom line.

Innovation In Life Insurance: Helping Clients In All Stages Of Life

People need life insurance as much as ever but are buying it in record low numbers. There seems to be a ready market out there, but how do we as financial planners position today’s life insurance products to this growing group of potential buyers?

Business succession planning and the buy-sell agreement

A buy-sell agreement can provide business shareholders or co-owners with options.

Reboot your practice by solving these 7 retiree problems

What can you offer prospective clients that is unique and different than most other advisors?

The Longevity Connection: Prudential's perspective on the Stanford Sightlines Project

Three out of four Americans indicate that they want to live to 100 if they can do so in good health. In the Sightlines Project, researchers at the Stanford Center on Longevity explore three domains that are critical to well-being as people age: financial security, healthy living, and social engagement. This article provides Prudential’s perspectives on the interdependencies of these three domains, and how improved behaviors in even one domain may help Americans live longer, healthier lives.

State crackdown on annuities sharpens suitability issues for advisors

Explaining the variations between different types of immediate and deferred annuities can prove challenging for even the most experienced advisor.

Sail through insurance industry flux by focusing on consumers

This year, the life insurance industry will be challenged to become more efficient and consumer-friendly.

The benefit of joint and survivor annuities over trusts

Trusts are a common method to convey non-spousal IRA assets to adult children and other beneficiaries, but SPIAs can do the same thing with a few advantages.

Are you a highly effective salesperson?

Consider these four approaches to selling and how they can help you can become a better salesperson.

How Facebook Live can make you better at sales

If you want to market to your clients in the 21st century, you have to get into their phone.

Advanced tax time planning: 15 life insurance considerations

Life insurance is a unique asset with distinct taxation issues.

Meeting the needs of the middle market with combination products

Combination products that incorporate life and annuity policies with LTC riders have gained significant traction.

Your toughest job: Helping millennials invest for retirement

Millennials are the first generation to experience a shrinking economic pie, but advisors can help them get on track for retirement.

The power of podcasting for agents and advisors

Podcasting is quick, inexpensive, and allows you to target exactly the audience you want.

Inheriting heirs will secure your firm's future

In what's become known as the 'Great Wealth Transfer,' more than $30 trillion will soon pass from boomers to their Gen X and millennial heirs.

Cross selling life insurance to business owners

If you’re not offering life insurance to business owners, someone else is.

4 reasons why women need life insurance

Here's what agents and advisors should tell female executives, mom-preneurs and other working women about the value of this essential financial planning tool.

10 ways to prepare for the fiduciary rule

If you currently work with qualified retirement plans, here are 10 things to consider as you decide which pathway to the future to follow.

For retirees, annuities offer guaranteed income — and peace of mind

The flexibility of these products also make them attractive to investors.

7 ways retirees can make money

Retirees worried about running short of money might consider one of these seven ideas to bring in extra cash.

An insurance executive's guide to navigating industry shifts

Here are six strategic priorities that insurance executives should focus on through forthcoming changes and uncertainties.

Coming in 2017: More pot-smoking life insurance policyholders

Many policy applicants — notably low to moderate users who are healthy or have a prescription for medical marijuana — can receive the most favorable rates.

SPIAs: A historical perspective

Looking back on the history of SPIAs shows us their value for future generations.

Why millennials are more interested in saving for retirement

In order to overcome trust issues among millennials, advisors need to consider a different approach and a completely new way of thinking.

Time to revisit cash value life insurance

Having cash available inside a permanent life insurance policy is the part of the story that really resonates with clients.

Advanced tax time planning: 15 life insurance considerations

Life insurance is a unique asset with distinct taxation issues.

18 reasons for making indexed UL part of your portfolio

Indexed universal life insurance is experiencing double-digit growth. If you’re not selling IUL, the competition is out there getting the business.

The revolution in impaired risk underwriting

Impaired risk underwriting isn’t what it used to be.

A long-term care plan for clients who have failed to plan

Cash from a life settlement can be used to fund a long-term care benefit plan or a medically underwritten immediate annuity guaranteeing an income for life.

Super-charge clients' protection: Life insurance with DI

Together, life and disability insurance can provide a sufficient level of human life value protection to a family or a business, a benefit overlooked in asset protection.

3 options for long-term care planning

Discussions about long-term care planning can be uncomfortable, but they are necessary to protect your clients during unexpected life and health events.

Want useful answers from your clients? Ask better questions.

Ask an empty question, get an empty answer. Here's how to refine your question process.

Estate planning for the modern family

Laws and policies across the U.S. have largely failed to keep pace with shifting family structures.