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How Retirement Planning Is Like a Round of Golf

The author sees indexed universal life as a great tool for getting the retirement ball in the retirement cup.

8 Questions That Keep Prospects Talking

When agents ask more questions, they may talk less — and listen more.

7 Business Networking Reminders

Say you're shy. You go to an event. You need to meet people. But how? Here's how.

5 New Attempts at Annuity Humor

Because, let's face it, people who live in fear of longevity need some laughs.

10 Ways Relationship Reviews Can Be Great for Everyone

Your clients get checkups for their bodies. Why not for their efforts to plan for the future?

'Free Meal' Seminars Work: Researchers

The researchers are not happy about that.

3 Lessons About Paycheck Protection Awareness

Carol Harnett says she has learned three important things about getting consumers' attention.

Why Do People Hate Immediate Annuities?

Annuities can generate income in retirement — so where's the love?

5 Common Retirement Budgeting Mistakes Your Clients Are Making

In some cases, one remedy could, possibly, involve selling a life insurance policy.

Millennials May Care Deeply About Long-Term Care Benefits

Carriers are afraid to sell it, but workers seem to like it almost as much as life insurance.

5 Benefits Trends on Prudential's Radar Now

Financial wellness is a thing. do you measure that?

Your Clients May Be Missing Out on a Great Way to Grow Money

You might already sell annuities. If not, here's an annuity specialist's case for why you should start.

Hannover Re Backs OneAmerica Life-Based LTC Product

A Hannover Re executive says his company likes OneAmerica's experience in the LTC hybrid market.

Some Advisors Call for Early Long-Term Care Planning

Half of a large bank's high-net-worth advisors start LTC talks when the client relationship starts.

How to Talk About Long-Term Care Planning Now

Here are some phrases you can use to persuade listeners to notice the train that's coming at them.

Securian Moves Into Multi-Employer Retirement Plan Market

Securian will fund the plans with group annuity contracts from Minnesota Life.

Where Your Clients Work May Affect How They Retire

One important factor to consider when analyzing your clients' planning needs is occupation.

4 Sales Lessons from the Irish Farewell

One secret to having a great meeting is having a plan for a great exit.

Companies Form Lifetime Income Outreach Alliance

The list of founding organizations includes many major annuity issuers.

Long-Distance Caregiving, Up Close: LTCI Insider

Everyone knows caregiving is hard. It's even harder when you're actually the caregiver.

Of Time and the Retirement Saver

You have something important to offer clients, no matter what the calendar says.

Not Prepared for Retirement? Here's a Solution: Don't Retire

For many people, old age just isn't as old as it used to be.

Retirees Are Moving Less (in More Ways Than One)

A new survey shows they're more likely to stay in their homes. And on their sofas.

Attention New York Agents – IMPORTANT!

This notice is for agents and brokers licensed to sell Accident & Health Insurance in New York. Please take note of the Supplement to Circular Letter No. 20 (2017) that has been issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services. The Supplement and original Circular Letter can be found using the following links:

5 Great Habits to Grow Your Business

To go farther on your journey, keep up the pace.

Securian Airs Its First National TV Ads

The company has also unveiled a new logo.

Advisors Said These 4 Things Might Increase Annuity Sales

Global Atlantic got some survey results you might expect, and some that you might not expect.

U.S. Workers Rank Retirement Security First: Prudential

New survey results that suggest that the issue may be hotter than job security.

How to Sell More by Finding What Your Clients Need

The worst obstacle to closing sales is that people think they're broke.

5 Ways to Glue Customers to Your Practice

Making existing relationships stick is a lot easier than establishing new relationships.

Financial Advisors Must Talk to Clients About Health

For a 45-year-old, simply managing high blood pressure could be like saving another $100,000.

To Boost Sales This Year, Talk to 27-Year-Olds

A new table from the Census Bureau shows that there are an awful lot of them out there.

9 Things to Talk About When Accountants Suggest a Change in Advisors

Sometimes, accountants are not your friend. Here's how to handle that.

3 Questions for Clients Who Are Looking at Senior Care Options

Some clients have to move from planning for long-term care to implementing the plan.

5 Reasons 'Non-Buyers' May Still Be Good Annuity Prospects

A Secure Retirement Institute analyst compares actual annuity buyers with the ones who got away.

4 Ways to Be a Prospecting Innovator

To make a great light bulb, learn from the bad light bulbs.

For Single Women's Confidence, Try Annuities

LIMRA has posted survey data showing that annuity use may do more for women's outlook than for men's.

5 Factors That May Double Your Chances of Selling a Life Policy

Analysts have sifted LIMRA survey data to find out what closes sales.

3 Top New Life and Annuity Ad Campaigns

New spots from Brighthouse, Lincoln and Symetra could get consumers more interested in the idea of talking to you.

How to Help Clients Use Family Caregiver Benefits

Here are critical things to know about how disability insurance policies can do more.

Boomers With Advisors, Annuities Are More Retirement-Ready: IRI

One finding: Boomers with annuities are more likely to have at least $100,000 saved.

Want Better Sales? Ask Better Questions

The problem, really, isn't with them. It's with us.

Morten Hansen’s 7 Principles of Doing Less and Working Better

The influential management professor tells ThinkAdvisor how advisors can work smarter.

4 Ways to Create a Sense of Urgency

It's never the right time for prospects to buy, except that you'll make this the right time..

How to Get Life Prospects to Think About Product Value

The policy premium is something to for the client to think about. So is the policy value.

These 3 Threats Scare Gen Xers' More Than Basic Retirement Costs: IRI

Too many advisors may be skipping over what consumers ages 35 to 55 really want to talk about.

5 Strategic Changes for Closing More Sales

Maybe you know, without any doubt, that something has to change. But what?

Here’s Why Baby Boomers Need Advisors

They're afraid of outliving their money but they have little knowledge of wealth management products that could help, Annexus reports.

9 Ways to Turn Social Situations Into Business

Relationships Don't be 'that guy,' but stay in touch with the people you want to do business with.

Talking About Life Policy Value Could Prevent Panic Stock Sales

A life settlement industry veteran contends that access to a life policy value safety net may help stabilize clients' portfolios.

3 Must-Ask Questions for Annuity Clients

Here's advice about a simple approach to making sure the consumer gets a contract that fits.

What to Say Now About LTCI Rate Increases

A longtime LTCI specialist returns with a column about those premium changes.

The Remarkable Financial Benefits of Delaying Retirement

Waiting just a few months has enormous advantages no matter how much you make.

Life Insurance to Gen Xers' Rescue

Somehow, time is catching up with the people born from 1965 through 1979

3 Ways to Help Americans Save More for Retirement

Their hope for peace of mind in old age may start with you.