Long Term Care Awareness Month

This November, make an extra effort to spread the importance of purchasing a product that includes Long Term Care Insurance benefits to help cover the costs of care when it's needed.

Visit United Underwriters LTC Awareness page

5 Easy Places to Find Prospects

You already visit some of these places. Put in a little extra effort, and you could reap big rewards.

Genworth's 15 Most Expensive States for Long-Term Care: 2019

The insurer found that the cost of in-home care rose faster than the cost of nursing home care.

Small Talk, Big Sales

Here are 6 lessons the author learned from one of the most successful insurance agents in history.

The Coffee Lover's Guide to Prospecting

Wine can lubricate relationships. So can other beverages.

Lincoln Financial Adds 2 Commission-Free Annuities

One is a single-premium immediate annuity, and the other is a deferred income annuity.

100 Questions to Ask in an Estate Planning Interview

The initial client interview is critical in estate planning, both to shield against malpractice concerns and to ensure.

New California Law to Affect Life-LTC Hybrids

The law affects access to policy loans for insureds who are getting LTC-related accelerated death benefits.

The Ten Commandments of Prospecting: 2020 Edition

There was no social media or cold calling in ancient times. If there were, these rules may have been written in stone.

Buy-Sell Reviews Can Help Business Owners Find Protection Holes

One starting question for your clients: Do they have an idea what their firms are worth?

4 Secret Steps to Making More New Insurance Sales

The truth is, these steps aren't all that secret. They are essential.

3 Ways to Finish Life and Annuity Sales Strong

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The Early Retirement Your Clients Didn’t Plan For

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5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Agents Should Sell Life Insurance

A health insurance distribution executive says the total picture matters.

The U.S. Opioid Epidemic Is a Deadly and Costly Crisis

This is one of the threats lurking at the back of the life pricing actuaries’ minds.

Elder Financial Abuse Is a Plague on America’s House: AIG

One in two respondents in an AIG poll expect their senior years to be hit by financial scams.

Phishers Are Using the NAIC Logo to Hook Producers

The NAIC says some antivirus products can already identify the emails as being malicious.

Ideas to Help Strengthen Retirement Portfolios

Show your clients how adding life insurance to their retirement plan can offer more growth potential, downside protection and access to potential cash value so they can live the retirement they planned.

Life Insurance Awareness Starts at Home: Idea File

A life insurance distribution veteran says agents should start by trying to protect the people they love.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Social Security

Test your knowledge of this vital retirement program that FDR signed into law in 1935.

Lincoln Rolls Out Updated MoneyGuard Life-LTC Hybrid

One new feature can help the purchasers support providers of informal care.

2 Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Strategies for the New Tax Era

The increased standard deduction makes these techniques more important than ever.

7 Bitter Enemies of Life Insurance

Surveys show that most people want life insurance. Here's one showing why many don't buy it.

10 'Must Know' FAQs on Social Security

From basic claiming strategies to taxation and spousal benefits, your clients have questions — and we have answers.

The Flexibility to Choose and Change Options
sponsored by Lincoln Financial

Learn more about a plan that provides significant growth potential and cash flow throughout your clients’ lives.

Stories Help People Understand Annuities: Economists

The researchers found that stories also help consumers understand Social Security claiming strategies.

Lincoln's New MoneyGuard Product to Be Great for 121-Year-Olds

The company is updating the product to comply with new reserving regulations.