Brooke Shields talks about how protecting her family means everything.

brooke shields

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Lessons From Aretha Franklin's Legacy

Make sure your clients' families get what they need when they need it.

How to Start Your Day

If you can't make the clock stand still... at least you can get something going in the morning.

'I Just Need More Prospects'

Maybe you just need to ask better questions; and listen to the answers.

The Garden State vs. the Sunshine State: Retirement Math

The author looks at how migration considerations affect income planning clients in a high-tax state.

4 Common Sense Rules for Understanding Customers

John Graham talks about the balance between being too close to the prospect... and too far.

Life Insurance and the Foreign Nationals Market

It's not an easy market to reach, but it's a big market.

Technology is not the Enemy. It's an Enabler!

An insurtech executive offers his ideas about simple steps that may result in major productivity gains.

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

Schwab asked 401(k) plan participants this question — and showed how most are not on track to achieve that goal.

When One Idea Is Better Than a Dozen

Feeling scattered? Consider going narrow. And deep.

Why Am I No Good at Prospecting?

The good news: Many prospecting problems are easily fixable.

Rethinking Retirement Income

You can help clients combine new strategies with traditional ones.

You and Your Elevator Speech

Even if you spend all your time in one-story buildings, you still need a PEEC statement.

If South Park Characters Applied for Life Insurance Policies...

If nothing else: Kenny has taught many members of Generation X that death happens.

Getting to The Top

If your sales are soft, here are ideas about how to fix that.

How to Be There for Clients in Difficult Times

Sometimes, you can go above and beyond for your clients.

The Power of Loss

ow catastrophic loss prompted one advisor to create a list of 4 important lessons for her clients.

How to Sell Fixed Annuities to Skeptical Retirees

A marketing veteran addresses some of the most common questions you're likely to get.

Few Americans Are Ready for Retirement:
Can Financial Wellness Programs Help?

New CFP survey results suggest that some of the deer frozen in the headlights need basic information about their options.

12 Reasons LTC Planning Matters to Women Year-Round

Mother's Day is a great time to get women thinking about the future. So is every other day.

Annuity Product Update: Impact, AIG, Allianz Life

A contract Impact developed with Lincoln offers a 6% bonus for premiums added early on.

New Blood Test Can Predict Dementia

The amyloid detection test could help researchers measure the impact of any treatments tried.

Who's on the Hook for Your Parents' Nursing Home Cost? It Depends...

Advisors who don't know much about their states' filial responsibility laws had better fix that.

5 Questions to Ask About an FIA Income Benefit

Here's a strategy for helping your client get a good fit.

Brooke Shields to Promote Life Insurance Awareness

Life Happens has named Shields to be the spokesperson for the September outreach campaign.

Want Annuity Customers? Try Baby Boomers.

Plenty already have income planning arrangements in place. Many don't.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month Taps Into Financial Wellness Movement

CDA is emphasizing that protecting paychecks fits in with general financial literacy and sustainability efforts.

11 Key Social Security Facts You Need to Know

Here are answers to some of the most common Social Security questions.

Help Clients Organize What They're Trying to Pass On

So, you've helped them with life insurance. What about helping beneficiaries understand what was passed on?

'Generation Alpha' Babies Arrive With Caregiving Obligations

Maybe one place to find prospects who need long-term care planning for their parents is... cribs.