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Phishers Are Using the NAIC Logo to Hook Producers

The NAIC says some antivirus products can already identify the emails as being malicious.

2 Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Strategies for the New Tax Era

The increased standard deduction makes these techniques more important than ever.

7 Bitter Enemies of Life Insurance

Surveys show that most people want life insurance. Here's one showing why many don't buy it.

10 'Must Know' FAQs on Social Security

From basic claiming strategies to taxation and spousal benefits, your clients have questions — and we have answers.

The Flexibility to Choose and Change Options
sponsored by Lincoln Financial

Learn more about a plan that provides significant growth potential and cash flow throughout your clients’ lives.

Stories Help People Understand Annuities: Economists

The researchers found that stories also help consumers understand Social Security claiming strategies.

Lincoln's New MoneyGuard Product to Be Great for 121-Year-Olds

The company is updating the product to comply with new reserving regulations.

Who Are Centers of Influence, Anyway?

One way to talk to fewer people, but sell more, may be to talk to the right people.

Life Insurance Awareness Month Approaches

Life Happens has formed a relationship with Google; and mobilized the power of Brooke Shields.

To Build Your Practice, Start With People You Know

Yeah, you know this. Do you live this?

Using Insurance to Help Wealthy Clients 'Disinherit the IRS'

Beverly Hills advisor Matthew Celenza tells ThinkAdvisor about his insurance-focused approach, which he's rolling out.

4 Ways to Turn a Proposal Into a Sale

If you're having trouble with converting prospects into buyers, maybe this will help.

Top 11 Retirement Planning Questions Clients Ask

When can I retire?" "Will I have enough?" Advisors told us how they answer these questions and more.

You Got a Referral! What Now?

A referral isn’t automatic business, but the odds are in your favor, especially if you are prepared.

Just Say Hi

Sometimes, a little friendliness can lead to big opportunities.

Regulators Look Inside Life-LTC Hybrid Math Guts

The insurers that answered say they handle the life and LTC parts separately.

Why Prospects Don't Make Decisions

Here's a look at what happens when sales almost close then don't.

Annuities and Heirs

Many clients want to leave a legacy, not just save for a comfortable retirement.

Many Self-Employed Americans Aren't Saving Enough for Retirement

Fifteen percent of respondents said they never saved for retirement.

How to Become a 'People Collector'

Making friends from all walks of life can lead to new business — and it's fun.

Life Event Monitoring Can Help Agents Reach Out

The author says tracking people's changing needs can help you address those needs.

How to Show Prospects You Have the Right Stuff

People are looking for certain traits in their agents. Use that.

Caregiving Can Be Hazardous to Your Career

Caregivers may be forced to cut back their hours or retire early, research finds.

Family Caregiving Is a Long-Term Job

The average caregiver for a parent or spouse provides five years of care, the GAO finds.

Lessons From Aretha Franklin's Legacy

Make sure your clients' families get what they need when they need it.

How to Start Your Day

If you can't make the clock stand still... at least you can get something going in the morning.

'I Just Need More Prospects'

Maybe you just need to ask better questions; and listen to the answers.

The Garden State vs. the Sunshine State: Retirement Math

The author looks at how migration considerations affect income planning clients in a high-tax state.

4 Common Sense Rules for Understanding Customers

John Graham talks about the balance between being too close to the prospect... and too far.