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Life Happens creates and coordinates the Insure Your Love campaign each year because the basic motivation behind the purchase of life insurance is love. People want to protect their loved ones, and one of the best ways to do that financially is with life insurance.

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What Makes a Hero?

You can sell life insurance and annuities — or you can commit to helping your clients manage risk.

Pacific Life, OneAmerica Add Life Products

One company is adding IUL products. The other is introducing two new term life policies.

9 Steps to Take When Your Prospecting Strategy Isn't Working

Persistence is one great virtue. Listening is another.

First-Time LTCI Claimants May Be Getting Older: AALTCI

Some of the oldest first-time claimants are over 100.

Most 'Financially Fragile' Need Retirement Planning Most

The Society of Actuaries takes a look at who is most vulnerable to a financial shock.

Here's What the Cheapest LTC Option Looks Like Now

A new CDC report shows that the supply of adult day services slots has doubled.

5 Trends That Could Reshape Retirement

The idea of retirement as a "fixed point in time" long ago fell by the wayside, according to RBC Wealth Management.

Insurance and the Opioid Crisis

This is the insurance community's problem, too.

Americans Haven't Thought Much About Life Insurance: Survey

Edward Jones teamed up with Life Happens to look at why so many Americans go bare

7 Ways to Stay on Your Prospect's Radar

Sometimes, prospects say they might want to buy later. What then?

6 Ways to Get Life Insurance Cases Approved ASAP

Many clients still buy life insurance the traditional way. Here are ideas about how to make that work better.

The Largest Individual LTCI Claim of 2018

Some insureds are getting plenty of value for what they spent on the premiums.

Lincoln Financial Updates Life Products

One change is the addition of a new indexed universal life policy.

4 Reasons Selling Annuities Is a Stable Strategy

Some days, it's great to be able to offer products that can provide guarantees.

Brighthouse Prepares to Launch Life-LTC Hybrid

One IUL policy rider could provide an LTC benefits pool linked to the performance of an investment index.

Top 20 YouTube Annuity Videos of 2018

Here's a look at what attracted the eyeballs.

9 Ways to Crack the Prospect Code and Win More Life and Annuity Sales

Want your prospects to act? Then maybe you should act.

Americans Haven't Thought Much About Life Insurance: Survey

Most haven't considered that the payout can cover expenses like estate taxes and education costs, researchers found.

Are You Engaging Clients or Enraging Them?

Here are 7 questions to ask to avoid life underwriting nightmares.

Securian Adds Indexed Universal Life Policy

The policy comes with a built-in no-lapse guarantee.

Making Retirement Income More Predictable

Longevity matters. So does sequence-of-returns risk.

Could Hybrid Policies Save the Long-Term Care Market?

A reinsurance company executive addresses what he sees as lingering producer skepticism toward life- LTC hybrids.

Ex-Vikings Quarterback Fran Tarkenton: How Advisors Can Prevent Elder Fraud

The "Mad Scrambler," now a serial entrepreneur, also tells ThinkAdvisor that seniors can benefit from fixed indexed...

3 Ways to Position Indexed Universal Life

Here are ways to help clients understand what this tool can do to get the retirement ball down the field.

Pacific Life Adds Universal Life Policy

The product is aimed at households with annual income from $50,000 to $250,000.

Let's Help More People With Diabetes Get Life Insurance

Reinsurance company executives talk about strategies for making products more inclusive.

Dai-ichi to Acquire Great-West U.S. Individual Life and Annuity Lines

Dai-ichi Life is making the $1.2 billion deal through its U.S.-based Protective Life unit.

Remind Clients How Life Insurance Solves Problems

You know that whole life can do everything but open jars. Your clients may not know that.

Life Insurance Is NOT a Financial Service: New IRS 199A Tax Deduction Regs

The new regulation should help insurance agents get a new 20% business income deduction.