Start Preparing for LIAM!

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We'll be gathering information and materials from our carriers for you soon. In the meantime, check out the message from this years returning spokesperson - Brooke Shields.

Watch her message here.

5 Key Ways to Reduce Taxes in Retirement

Helping clients with financial planning during their retirement years is just as crucial as pre-retirement planning.

Clients' Real Risk Tolerance

An annuity specialist looks at how advisors can handle common mistakes in this area.

7 Things Your Client's Estate Plan Might Be Missing: Morningstar

Life insurance is often just one (important) piece of the whole.

How to Design a Better Retirement Plan

One factor is that higher-income people have different spending patterns.

How Becoming a Social Security Claiming Whiz Can Boost Your Practice

Claiming at the optimal time can increase lifetime benefits by tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Young Consumers Continue to Submit More Life Applications: MIB

Older consumers' application activity has been continuing to fall.

4 Ways to Build Client Confidence Now

A top Lincoln executive says a great place for you to start is by taking good care of you.

Into the Valley of the Lost Prospects

One place to find leads may be in the wilderness of your old lead files.

How Social Distancing Affects Advisors' Sales: LIMRA

If you feel like you're prospecting with mittens on, you're not the only one.

9 Approaches to Knockout Virtual Meetings

The key is to make the attendees' experience as easy and fun as possible.

Tips for Prospecting During the Pandemic

'You can't wait for the world to come back to face-to-face.'

How to Help Customers Navigate the Pandemic's Emotional Challenges

One way to build future sales may be to help people keep going now.

Symetra to Make 2 Women Sports Stars Its Spokescouple for the COVID-19 Age

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe shot the spots themselves, using an iPhone and an iPad.

It's Time to Revisit Those Aged Leads

The cheapest leads you can get are the ones you already have.

5 Lessons Rookies Learn and Veterans Forget

How did you get your best clients? Do you still do those things?

Lining Your Client Up for the Retirement Savings Field Goal

The author has ideas for coaching people through a time of uncertainty.

Today Is Your Disability Insurance Reality Check

Many clients have little or no protection for their ability to earn a paycheck.

6 Reasons the Average Person Always Needs Insurance

There are many reasons why making sales is more difficult, and many why the need is still there.

Unwrapping the Details of CARES Act RMD Waiver

One important constraint is the one-IRA-rollover-per-year rule.

Acting, Not Reacting, During the Pandemic

Feel as if you're trapped in a bad horror movie? Maybe you should add yourself to the plot.

How Insurers, and Agents, Can Keep Critical Illness Insurance Sales Growing

The head of a critical illness insurance group talks about how he sees the product's future.

No Snoozin' for You (If You're Essential): Treasury Secretary

Steven Mnuchin implies that avoiding stay-at-home restrictions comes with duties.

Why Life Insurance Is Too Often Overlooked

Think about what that kind of gap means during a COVID-19 lockdown.

8 Knockout Approaches to Virtual Networking

Here are ideas about how to still be you, in a new way.

10 Ways COVID-19 Is Affecting the Life and Annuity Distribution World

One effect is that consumer interest in hearing about life insurance seems to have increased.

Keep Calm and Carry On (With Your Practice)

What can insurance agents do during a pandemic? Plenty.

4 Lead Generation Mistakes That Cost You a Fortune

A longtime sales coach shares his ideas about how agents can grow their own prospects.

Life Insurance Does Cover Pandemics: NAIC

The regulator group has developed a guide to Covid-19 insurance.

What If Covid-19 Keeps Clients from Working?

The outbreak may get clients, and advisors, thinking more about disability planning.

Pandemic Ready: What Your Clients Need from You

What's going on out there is why you're here.

Stop Selling Life Insurance — No One Wants It!

But, people do want other things.

Why Succession Planning Matters

It's best to think about team members as next-gen owners early on and groom them to become your successor over time.

What Customers Want to Know About Salespeople Before They Buy

Here are 12 questions you can use to prepare for action.

4 Tips for Advising Military Veterans in Retirement

This can be a chance to give back and serve those that have served us for so long.

Caregiving and Long-Term Care, for a Loved One: Lessons Learned

A financial services professional reports on some of what he's learned from being a caregiver himself.

California May Restrict Use of HIV Status in Life and Disability Underwriting

Senate Bill 961 could also update a list of definitions used in connection with HIV testing.