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Tools to Build Business:

A Key to Client Retention!

We have customized materials you can use to incorporate life reviews into your practice.

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Fixed Index Universal Life Can Diversify Your Product Roster

Some clients may want more flashy base stealers. Some may prefer to add slow-and-steady catchers.

Trust Planning with Annuities

Here's a tool that may help you build relationships that cross generations, and professional silos.

Americans Look to Family to Help Fund Their Retirement - survey

Millennials who are counting on an inheritance may be in for a rude awakening.

Reaching the Middle Market, Part 2: How to Make Yourself Heard

The trick is to get the attention of consumers who think Google and Facebook have all the answers.

Reaching the Middle Market, Part 1: Why You Need a Strategy

There are plenty of 'them' out there, but they come in many different varieties - and sub-varieties.

Beware the Working Retirement Tax Penalty

The question of how income from working in retirement affects the taxes of clients who are also claiming Social Security benefits is a tricky one.

To Boost Disability Insurance Sales, Add Sunshine

Product pricing is complicated, but a quote tool can give you and your clients something to talk about.

4 Ways to Overcome Media-Driven Annuity Misconceptions

Annuities are designed to reduce risk. How do you help clients understand that?

After “Yes,” Holding It All Together

Just keeping quiet may put the client in the mood to back out.

My Favorite Retirement Tool

The most important product a financial professional can offer may be awareness.

How Advisors Can Help Clients Age in Place

As clients age, staying in their homes may require significant upgrades.

Modified Endowment Contracts and the 7-Pay Test

The rules can lead well-meaning clients without good advisors into tax-rule maze.

Census Table Shows 37-Year-Olds Are Great Prospects

A new spreadsheet gives 2016 population estimates by single year of age.

Addressing the Myths of Long-Term Care

When it comes to LTC protection, it’s time to know the myths, master the facts, and have the conversation.

Help Clients Avoid the Double-Edged Risk of Waiting

A marketer talks about how to offer linked-benefit LTC products to younger clients.

Brighthouse Financial Unveils First Major TV Commercials

The MetLife unit hopes to establish the importance of predictability in retirement.

Consider Fixed Annuities for Your Client’s Fixed-Income Portfolio

For the right clients, the author writes, fixed annuities may offer many advantages over bond funds.

5 Uses for Life Insurance That Most People Haven't Thought Of

For your clients and prospects, your bread and butter may be as mysterious as nuclear physics.

Leveraging permanent life in retirement and protection planning

Many people may not be aware that a permanent life insurance policy may help them address a critical challenge their retirement portfolio could face: the sequencing (or order) of returns.

Bridge the gap with critical illness insurance

Few products can help bridge a gap quite like critical illness insurance.

Brighthouse Financial CEO shares his vision, goals, and values

Brighthouse CEO message

Six reasons Gen X lags in saving, planning for retirement

The uneasy financial situation that Gen Xers and millennials currently face is vastly different from what their baby boomer parents experienced at the same point of their lives.

Making the nest egg last: best products for senior clients

From innovative fixed indexed and fee-based annuities to hybrid combo solutions, today’s retirees have a growing list of products to choose from.

How to make term life insurance do more

By using more creative approaches that capture a client’s interest and imagination, advisors can deliver what clients want at a lower cost.

Life insurance prospects want a retail sales experience

A new study reveals that consumers expect transparency from a life insurance purchase the same way they would for buying other retail products or travel.

Tax season essentials: One tip that can make all the difference

Half of American workers could qualify for a key IRS tax credit, but many of them opt out. Here's why.

How to streamline the disability insurance claims process

For a client who is ill or injured, filing a disability claim may come during a challenging time in his or her life.

The secret to client retention

Of course you have to market to your clients. But to what end?