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Life Happens created and coordinates the Insure Your Love campaign each year because the basic motivation behind the purchase of life insurance is love. People want to protect their loved ones, and one of the best ways to do that financially is with life insurance.

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Which Retirement Doctor Are You?

Some of your clients are retiring. They want your advice. What do you tell them?

Estate Planning Is Still Important

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the exemption — but not the need to think carefully about the future.

Investing in Support Staff Boosts Happiness

Sometimes, spending a little more can lead to a lot more results.

5 Questions About Life Insurance for 2019

This might be a year when plain old reliable oatmeal looks good.

Life-LTC Hybrid Sales Soar: LIMRA

About 25% of new U.S. life premiums paid for policies offering LTC or chronic illness benefits.

How to Help Your Clients Keep Their New Year's Resolutions

A successful journey to financial wellness can begin with one small baby step.

What to Say Now About LTCI Rate Increases

A longtime LTCI specialist returns with a column about those premium changes.

12 New 2019 Tax Numbers for Agents to Know

Bookmark this article, and then YOU'LL be the one who has the new numbers.

New Tax Deduction Might Favor Life Agents Over Retirement Advisors

The IRS is definitely leaning toward lumping actuaries together with actors, doctors and other fancy people.

You Might Be as Popular as a Dieting Coach: Allianz Life

Many participants in a recent survey want to get control over their finances, and their bellies.

4 Annuity Sales New Year's Resolutions

One idea: Go out and talk to more people. Face to face.

Why You Should Sell Disability Income Protection Insurance

If you aren't talking about this with your clients, uh... why the heck not?

To Close More Sales, Open This

John Pojeta is back with more ideas about how to turn prospects into clients.

How Non-Annuity Owners Are... Different

Global Atlantic is trying to reach consumers through what they like to do.

Yes, Millennials DO Need Estate Planning

As the Route 91 festival tragedy showed us, no one knows how much time is left.

The ABCs of Structured Annuities

These are for clients who want some downside protection, and some upside participation.

Family Caregivers Are Getting Younger: Genworth

Challenges include stress, and depression.

Respect, Trust and the Growing Senior Market

Your prospects need to understand why what you're doing matters.

Social Security: 12 Things Everyone Should Know

One little-known fact? Most people get back more in benefits than they put in.

IRS Issues New Tax Deductibility Limits for Long-Term Care Insurance

Premiums for tax-qualified LTC insurance policies are considered a medical expense.

12 New 2019 Tax Numbers for Agents to Know

Bookmark this article, and then YOU'LL be the one who has the new numbers.

The Value of Prospects Who Don't Close

Sometimes, the best prospects are the ones who, originally, got away.

Worry of Waning Retirement Income Big Reason for Annuity Purchases

LIMRA says younger workers are more skeptical about Social Security.

4 Ways New Annuity Market Options Can Open Doors

When it comes to purchasing the right annuity, every client wants and needs something different.One thing most clients.

7 Steps to Getting Business From Friends

Identify a need, and tactfully help them solve their problem.

Critical Illness Market Keeps Growing

Both new sales and in-force premiums showed dramatic growth.

Women Have a Big Retirement Savings Problem

Women are more likely to think they're "financially unhealthy." Even when they're fine.

Welcome to the 21st Century YOYO Retirement Plan

A working agent looks at what his Boomer and GenX clients are up against.