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In the Know Newsletter – July 11th

In this issue:
Updated: UW Highlights and Sweet Spots Flyer
Form update: Request for Transcript of Tax Return
Free Look and Grace Periods
ExamOne Portal instructions updated

American Pathway VisionMYG – NEW!

Introducing the American Pathway VisionMYG fixed annuity; for sale in all states except New York. With the introduction of the VisionMYG product, American Pathway SolutionsMYG will be discontinued; except in New York.

The VisionMYG product offers the same popular features as American Pathway SolutionsMYG with the addition of a four-year initial guaranteed interest rate term.

In New York, the American Pathway SolutionsMYG will continue to be available for sale.

The Rule of 25 - the new 4% Rule

We’ve all heard of the 4% Rule in financial planning…but have you seen its new successor - The Rule of 25?

Watch this quick video and start using The Rule of 25 to easily assist your clients in planning their ideal savings for retirement, including life insurance.

Like what you see? Take it to the next level, and meet the Rule of 25’s offshoot for the financially accomplished in the Pyramid of Philanthropy video.

New York suitability requirements - changing August 1st

Please find attached information about important new requirements in the State of New York for sales of annuities. The new Suitability and Best Interests in Life Insurance and Annuity Transactions rule (New York Reg 187 or “Best Interest Rule”) amends the state’s suitability requirements for annuities and will take effect on August 1, 2019. Read the letter from AIG.

Annuity rates – effective July 15th

Download the rate sheets.


No bulletins this week.

American National
8.39% Cash Flow on SPIAs!

Learn more.

New Assurity Whole Life product - more employee coverage with Guaranteed Issue underwriting

With a new Group Whole Life insurance plan from Assurity, employees enjoy the convenience of payroll deduction and are able to purchase significant amounts of whole life insurance protection on a guaranteed issue basis. Higher amounts of coverage may be available, based on an employee’s answers to just a few simple medical questions.

Their new whole life product also includes:
Accelerated death benefits which provide the option to advance a portion of the death benefit in the event of terminal illness or chronic illness.
Optional Level Term, Children’s Term, Accidental Death and Disability Waiver of Premium Riders available to enhance coverage.
Contact Jeff at United Underwriters for more information.

Critical Illness & Century+ Disability Income Insurance

Learn more.


No bulletins this week.

Columbian Life

No bulletins this week.

Exceptional Risk Advisors

No bulletins this week.


No bulletins this week.

Genworth Financial
In-Force Rate Action announcements:

Alaska: Privileged Choice with Stable Premium Option and 1% Benefit Increase Option
Michigan: Privileged Choice with Stable Premium Option and 1% Benefit Increase Option
Ohio: Choice 1

Illinois Mutual
Online claims submissions made easy

The online Wellness Claim Portal on the My Policy site allows the freedom to submit Accident Wellness Benefit Rider claims anytime, anywhere with a mobile friendly tool. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial that your clients can use to get started.

Individual DI and BE can help protect business owners!

Your business owner clients rely on their hard work to generate revenue to pay business expenses and earn a living. If they became sick or hurt and totally disabled, how would they earn the income to pay business expenses and personal bills? Paycheck Power Series, disability income insurance (DI) from Illinois Mutual, offers the power to help protect their business and their income. Learn more.

Integrity Life
NAIC CE training requirements reminder

This is a reminder that as of June 24, 2019, Pennsylvania required the Reg 275 4-hour Annuity CE course to be completed prior to the solicitation and signing of an application.

Additionally, Integrity has seen a general increase in agents that have not taken either the carrier product training or the 4-hr CE course in other states where the requirement has already been in place for a good period of time. This mostly seems to occur when an agent writes a piece of business outside of their own resident state. Please take a look at the state requirements and effective dates.

For any agents that need to complete Integrity’s carrier specific product training portion of the requirement, see these instructions to do so via Kaplan Education.

Index annuity rates – effective July 15th

Download the rate sheet.

Will their money last?

American men on average outlive their savings by about 8 years. American women by about 11 years. You can address income these issues by turning client assets into reliable … repeatable … sustainable … and protected lifetime income. See how.

Retirement Income Calculator

Might your clients outlive their retirement savings? This online tool helps you explore the likelihood. Try it to test probabilities for income success or failure.

John Hancock USA
Spotlight News – July 8th

In this issue:
Mastering Indexed UL sales
Enhanced savings for substandard risks now available on more products!
Executive Bonus Plans
New CSO Endorsement for Vitality PLUS upgrades
State approvals

Legal & General America

No bulletins this week.

Lincoln National
Monthly Market Overview - June 2019

Here is a brief client-approved recap of Lincoln's observations on markets and volatility.

Lincoln Leader for Life Newsletter – July 1st

Read it now.

Mutual/United of Omaha
Express Newsletter – July 10th

In this issue:
Business Planning Strategies using the Guaranteed Refund Option
Term Life Express - life insurance made easy
August 1st updates for 2017 CSO Table changes
LTCi Home Health Care Benefits
Making clients aware of income protection
Critical Advantage rate decrease for existing policyholders

Upsell offer DOUBLES a sale!

See the case study.

Interest rates – effective July 15th

See all of the rates.

Pacific Life Lynchburg
Catch-Up Premium feature on PL Promise GUL & Conversion UL policies

You can now quote catch-up premiums on PL Promise GUL and PL Promise Conversion UL policies that extend your client’s no-lapse guarantee year-by-year with automatic billing; giving them additional flexibility on how long and how much they want to pay. Read the bulletin.

Competitive PL Promise Term reprice

PL Promise Term has been reinvigorated to help ensure you're in position to compete across the broader market:
More competitive on Preferred Best, Preferred, and Select No Nicotine risk classes - ALL term durations, male/female, all ages!
Pricing improvements on 25-year term duration across all risk classes
Revised rates are currently available in the following states: AK, AR, CA, DE, DC, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, ME, MI, MN, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, OH, PA, RI, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WV, and WY*
Download the latest bulletin for the details.


No bulletins this week.

Protective Life
Protective Non-Participating Whole Life update

In order to comply with requirements set forth by the NAIC, Protective is introducing a new version of their Non-Par Whole Life (NPWL 2013) insurance product.

Effective July 12, 2019, the current NPWL 2013 is no longer available. The rates for the new version of the product will reflect the updated 2017 CSO Mortality Table (2017 CSO) and Principle Based Reserves (PBR) requirements adopted by the NAIC.

Transition Rules
The following transition rules apply to all states, except the state of New York. The current NPWL 2013 version of the product will still be available in the state of New York.
New rates are available July 12, 2019.
Applications must be signed and received in the Protective Home Office by August 9, 2019 to receive the NPWL 2013.
Applications received on or after August 10, 2019 will receive the new product rates.
Exceptions will not be allowed.

A chronic illness impacts loved ones, too.

Valued at over $234 billion, families and unpaid caregivers provided over 18.5 billion hours of care to individuals with Alzheimer's disease. You can help ease the emotional and financial toll for clients dealing with a chronic illness like Alzheimer's disease. Protective's blended solution offers chronic illness coverage if your producers' clients need it, and a death benefit to loved ones if they don't.

Annuity interest rates

Download them now.

Changes Prudential's Term Portfolio

Regulatory requirements associated with 2017 CSO mortality tables are impacting how the life insurance industry prices protection products. This includes Prudential’s Term Essential and Term Elite. Effective July 15, 2019, both products have been repriced to reflect new mortality tables.
See the changes.
See the term conversion highlighter.

Life Essentials Newsletter – July 15th

In this issue:
Changes to Term Portfolio
PruTerm WorkLife 65 is retiring
What every Financial Advisor needs to know about the SECURE Act of 2019
A flexible strategy for an uncertain future
A Guidebook for helpful tips and advice to share

Royal Arcanum

No bulletins this week.

No bulletins this week.

Securian Financial
Want to boost your protection-focused IUL sales? Try this strategy.

Many people want to enjoy a full retirement – and leave an inheritance for their children. With permanent life insurance like Value Protection Indexed Universal Life (IUL), your clients can do just that.

Value Protection IUL lets your clients spend their retirement funds as they choose; and helps ensure there are still assets available for their loved ones down the road.

View the strategy.

Enhanced high-net-worth foreign national market program

Today’s high-net-worth clients may live or come from all over the world, but many share the same life insurance and wealth transfer needs. Our expertise can help clients living abroad or with ties to the United States navigate the wealth transfer process with a program designed specifically for them. Explore the enhanced program guidelines.

Annuity interest rates - effective July 16th

Download the rates.

Do your clients know everything Financial Foundation IUL can do?

They may know it offers a federal income tax-free death benefit and tax-deferred cash accumulation with upside growth potential and downside protection. But Transamerica is the only carrier that offers a Long Term Care Rider and a Critical Illness Rider on the same policy.

You can also include a Base Insured Rider if your clients need additional insurance during peak earning years.

Show clients how the LTC rider can benefit them
Learn about common impairments and rider eligibility

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