Long Term Care Awareness

November is LTC Awareness Month! Now more than ever, LTC insurance options are a critical part of helping your clients plan for the future. Visit our page for resources from Life Happens and our carriers.

Visit our 2020 LTC Awareness page.

Annuities Could Stop Retirees From Going Broke.
Why Don't More People Use Them?

Analysts with the Stanford Longevity Project and and Principal Financial have come out with a new look at an old mystery.

What to Do When Prospects Go Dark

You don't know why prospects pull back, but these actions help you position yourself for future business.

15 Phrases That Win Clients and Prospects Over

It's good to have handy expressions to make a point or get a conversation going.

COVID-19, Medicare, and Long-Term Care: Fact or Fantasy

Your clients were already thinking about this. Now they're thinking about it more.

15 Things Never to Say to Clients or Prospects

Try these alternatives when you're not sure what to say.

11 Scariest Retirement Statistics: 2020

Many of these have at least something to do with Social Security.

10 Tax Planning Steps to Take Before New Year's Eve

Wilmington Trust put together a guide for advisors and their clients.

How to Respond to 12 Common Client Objections

These aren't obstacles needing to be flattened. They are concerns needing to be addressed.

How to Keep Financial Conversations Simple

Know the science, but connect with clients with the basics.

How Much to Save for Retirement Is Workers' Top Financial Concern: TIAA Survey

About 60% of survey participants told TIAA they're falling behind.

Why Advisors Should Tell Clients About Income Protection Now

One reason: Look at what's happening out there with the pandemic.

16 Big Estate Planning Mistakes Clients Make

Advisors have rescued many a client, and countless heirs, from potentially costly estate plan missteps.

The Paradox of Prospecting

Everything works. Nothing works.

Lincoln Financial Sells Consumers on Talking

A new, pandemic-era TV commercial promotes the concept that 'every conversation with a loved one is a good one.'

4 in 5 Americans Lack Retirement Planning Knowledge: American College

The survey participants had no clue about how likely they are to need long-term care.

5 Ways to Build a Financial Services Practice

Sarting out in the business? A veteran planner shares ideas about how to last.

Whenever America Needs Us, Life Insurers Are There

America is facing challenges. The president of the ACLI says life insurers are good at helping America with challenges.

COVID-19 and Financial Checkups

Here are ideas for what to tell clients who are wondering about their financial health, too.

Quiz: Do You Know These Social Security Facts?

How much do you know about claiming strategies, spousal benefits and estate implications?

What Is Dying Going to Cost Your Client?

Knowing where all your clients' assets are located, even those held away, can significantly reduce costs for heirs.

What Your Clients Want to Talk to You About

More than half of the ones who took a survey said they would like to discuss family members' finances.

9 Reasons to Call Your Client Right Now

The bad news: The Situation. The good news: There's plenty to talk about.

7 Reasons to Deliver a Zoom Webinar

Sure, everyone is doing them. The author says everyone is doing them because they work.

It Can't All Be for Nothing

The author looks at finding your 'why' In the advisory world.

COVID-19 Energizes Life Insurance Awareness Month 2020 Campaign

Brooke Shields is back as the spokesperson, and agents are already promoting the campaign on social media.

Selling Financial Safety Masks

Here are ideas about what to do when clients don't want to do the sensible thing, because.

Use Target (or Blanket) Marketing To Define Your Success

A financial services veteran says there's more than one way to choose your prospects.

How the Pandemic Is Impacting Women's Finances and Future

In some cases, falling income may create saving opportunities.

Young Consumers Have Noticed Life Insurance: MIB

Digital underwriting and the threat of COVID-19 led to a shocking increase in application activity.

Estate Planning, COVID-19 and Grandparents

Clients who are expecting may know they need advice. What about their parents?

3 Ways to Bridge Retirement Conversation Gaps

Here ideas about making sure that clients understand you, and that you understand them

Get More Referrals Without Asking — Prospecting in a Pandemic, Part 1

In the first of a four-part series, I look at why asking for referrals doesn't work and what to do instead.