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Referred a fellow producer to UUI

You’re going to blow his mind with how easy it is and how great it is working with the girls in the office. - Noah B.


Absolutely exceeding my expections! - Chris S.

Great Staff

Hi Kathy, I am sending you this note to let you know that Danielle and Sheila have gone well above and beyond the customary level of service with a few of my potential insureds, currently in underwriting with Protective. I work exclusively through UU, Inc. and have for many years. My gosh, how many years have you and I known each other? I hold your company to a very high standard and yet on these cases your staff have risen even beyond that bar. Thank you again for yours and your staff’s dedication to those of us out here in the field. Most sincerely, Sue M.

Hello Jeff,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how completely awesome this “Drop & Go” system is!  I’ve been writing life insurance for just over 20 years and this is by far the easiest and fastest way to do an application!  Thank you for providing us agents with fantastic, state of the art tools to allow us to not only grow our book of business, but more importantly, to quickly help our clients with their life insurance needs. - Chris S.

Jeff and The Entire Team at United Underwriters,

Thank you so much for introducing the Drop&Go System! When Jeff Philibotte told me about this new system I put it to the test right away. His claim that I could price and write a life insurance policy in less than 10 minutes seemed almost impossible. At least from my history in the life insurance industry. Usually it takes a few minutes just to get the correct quote and then you print the documents, review and collect signatures. Not with the Drop&Go System. I quoted the policy in seconds, asked the insured a few questions and submitted my first policy with this system in 10 minutes. My second policy was even faster. The medical questions are all answered when the proposed insured receives a phone call. I was with one of my clients when they received their call. It was quick, and professional. Best of all I did not need to collect all of the medical information. My recommendation, try the Drop&Go System with United Underwriters, Inc. You will never go back to paper or old e-sign systems again! All my best, - Donald L.

Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to the Drop and Go program with United Underwriters, Inc.. I have just successfully issued my first two life cases with this program. I’ve been writing life insurance for over 25 years, and I must say this is the easiest and most efficient platform I have ever used! Thanks again, - Randy B.

UUI Service is Excellent!

You & your team (family) are the best. I’ve never been disappointed. Keep up the great work and making it enjoyable to do business with the United Underwriter’s team. - Lee G.

Thank you for the “Welcome”; it is greatly appreciated

I am on year 39 of my insurance career and have worked with many, many Property & Casualty Companies as well as Life companies. As you know, I recently submitted two 30 year Term Life applications to United Underwriters. Working with your staff has been a real pleasure. They are prompt in responding to phone calls and e-mails, very polite and extremely helpful. It is a pleasant breath of fresh air as so many underwriters and support staff with the P & C Markets have either been eliminated (by computers) if premium levels are under $25,000 or so burdened with excessive workloads we can wait days to get a response. We look forward to writing additional Life business as the year progresses. - Brenda R.

"The service so far has been fantastic."

Everyone has been very attentive to all my questions and been able to provide me the information I need very quickly. I am very impressed and look forward to working with United Underwriters more this year. - Todd P.

"Things couldn't be be better with your staff."

They're exceptionally helpful and timely in getting back to me if a request is made; all done with a smile in the their voice and a friendly, engaging demeanor. Although I don't place many cases, Danielle, Dianne, Jeff and Sheila have consistently made it a simple, enjoyable process to do so. - Paul B.

"LOVE, LOVE working with everyone at UUINC."

It’s sooooo easy to get quotes and everyone is very quick to respond to my questions. -Pauline G.

"Thank you & your team!"

Since starting up my second insurance agency, I have passed up way too much life insurance. And since time is limited and our main focus is not life insurance, your team has made it so easy to do business. So, again, thank you for such a great team of individuals! - Paul G.

"I have worked with UUI for 30+ years and their staff is second to no one."

They pay attention to the details to get cases approved. UUI has a great relationship with their carriers; which makes underwriting less stressful. They are knowledgeable with our changing industry in order to find the appropriate policy for clients. I am so glad for the many years I have chosen to work with United Underwriters. They are all super people. - Jim M.

"I love all the staff @ UUI."

Grade A! - Seth L.

"Speaking for me and my colleague, we can't express enough how informative and supportive your group has been to us."

Your staff has enabled us to not be so harnessed and guarded on Life and Business Insurance competency. We recognize your teams lengthy experience and it has allowed us to really start to get after it. We have enjoyed all the seminars and the online webinars. - Darren H.

"I have worked with the outstanding team of professionals at United Underwriters for over 20 years."

While there are several other highly respected brokerage agencies also available, I have continued to place the vast majority of my business through UU, Inc. I find the variety of carriers and the advise and service quality to be top notch. I also appreciate their long standing support of NAIFA-Maine to be an indication of their support to our industry. - Susan M.